Policy Statement of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental

PT. RICOBANA ABADI serves as mining contractor company relies upon the importance of customer service quality, strict adherence to shigh standard of occupational safety, health and environmental in carrying out its business. The Company full committed to the policy and have implement the standards on:

Customer Satisfaction

  • To maintain the degree of customer satisfaction by fulfilling all requirements.

Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Management

  • To implement mining management orders and creating safe, health and comfort working environment for employees and all work partners by emphasizing on occupational safety, health and environmental.
  • To carry out any preventive efforts of accident, diseases due to work and pollution or degradation of environmental quality in order to manifest occupational safety, health and environmental preservation through the implementation of Risk Controlling Hierarchy are namely: elimination, substitution, engineering, administration control and usage of self-protection tools.
  • To fulfill and comply with all applicable requirements and legislation rules.

The Improvement of Sustainable System Performance

  • To implement occupational safety, health and environmental management system properly and consistently through continuous and sustainable improvement systems to its performance.

PT Ricobana Abadi fully intends to protect the most valuable resources is namely EMPLOYEES. Moreover, each employee must responsible upon his/her own safety and his/her workmates.

This policy will be gradually reviewed to ensure that it still be adequate and has in the line with company business activities.
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