Safety, Health & Environmental Management System of PT. Ricobana Abadi (SHERA)

PT. RICOBANA ABADI serves as mining contractor, which is a labor-intensive company that uses high tech. Therefore, the level of occupation risk is very high and dynamic nature. In its operation shall provide top priority to safety, health and environment. Management systems for supporting occupational safety, health and environment become integral part of the entire production process in a company.

One effort to realize this statement and to implement safety, occupational health and environment programs structurally, then it made the management system, which further known by SHERA (Safety, Health and Environmental, and Management System of PT. Ricobana Abadi).

SHERA expected to be able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness as a form of resources saving, prevention of accidents, diseases due to occupational and environmental pollution and conservation along with providing benefit to the company.