Reward & Recognition

Zero Accident Reward

Zero Accident Award (Zero Accident Award) awarded to PT. Ricobana Abadi for his achievements in implementing occupational safety and health program (K3), to reach 5 million hours without an accident the work commencing from 1 January 2011-31 December 2013. The award is given by the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. PER-01 / MEN / I / 2007 by the minister.

Zero Loss Time Injury 2013

The award is given to PT Ricobana Abadi - site Lati 1 on participation in improving the management of Occupational Health and Safety (K3) at PT. Berau Coal (Zero Loss Time Injury in 2013)

The Movement of Planting 1 billion Award and Blood Donors.

The award is given to PT Ricobana Abadi - Lati site for their cooperation in the Tree-Planting Event 1 (one) Billion and Blood Donor PT. Berau Coal in 2011.

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